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A Time Warper of HI left this Message at 6:21 P.M. on 8/22/18
Wheeeee! I've just returned from a flying lesson with Amelia Earhart! Unfortunately, we got caught in a terrible windstorm and I nearly lost the piece of gum I was chewing. Thankfully, we landed on a giant peanut that became peanut butter upon impact. When we exited the plane we found ourselves in the middle of a battle between ants and roaches fighting for peanut butter, but we avoided all the mess by cleaning up the peanutty spill with a high-pressure water hose. Afterward we went to a movie palace to catch a screening of "The Aviator." The movie tickets cost us a dime (a lot back then!) and we had just enough cash left over to treat a few homeless families from Kansas to dinner! For dessert we ordered Hoover Heath Bar Crunch ice cream. Yum! Who knew time travel could be so charitable (and tasty)?

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