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The TIME WARP TRIO television series offers a wonderful opportunity to get kids excited about history. Its lively humor and irreverent attitude combine to make the programs refreshing and appealing, while providing solid historical facts. Based on the widely popular book series by Jon Scieszka, the television series will attract readers and non-readers alike.

To help you use the show in the classroom, we offer lesson plans, books and links, and other educational tools. Invite students to have even more fun with history by checking out the latest online TIME WARP TRIO adventure each week, with history-based interactive games, quizzes, and more.

About Teaching History
Jon Scieszka, the author of The Time Warp Trio book series, offers his insights on how to make history engaging and meaningful for students.

Lesson Plans
One for each episode, in PDF format. Includes two activities, historical background, curriculum connections and standards, handouts, and recommended books and links.

Episode Descriptions
Find out what happens during each episode of TIME WARP TRIO.

Site Tour
Our content-rich kids' site and its extensive resources for teachers and parents will help you bring history to life for your students.

Books and Links
Recommended books and Web sites about each episode's historical theme, for teachers and students. The same list appears at the end of each lesson plan.

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Get answers to your technical questions about our site.

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