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TIME WARP TRIO introduces kids to history and this site is designed to complement every episode of TIME WARP TRIO on TV. Our content, for different kinds of learners aged 8-12, is arranged in a trio of broad categories: the Adventures, the Games, and the Show. There are also extensive resources for teachers and parents. Here's what you can find for kids at our site:


Green Mist Mysteries (Flash required)
In-depth interactive TIME WARP TRIO stories revisiting a time and place warped to by the Trio. Players meet challenges and make choices to alter the course of events in the story. The Weird Beard takes the Trio back to meet Blackbeard, and Fred makes his way through ancient Egypt to rescue Sam and Joe in That's a Wrap. Help determine who will rule Easter Island in Scrambling for Eggs, and play five rounds of the Maya ring ball game in Ring Zones.

Put It Back, Jack! (Flash required)
Episode-related fact-finding missions. Players must return a stolen artifact to the correct time and place by answering questions based on information provided in the Plentifax 487 for that time and place. Joe's Uncle, Mad Jack, who has stolen these artifacts appears as a cameo in each episode, and a successful solution to each challenge will reveal him.

Plentifax 487 (Flash required)
Guides to each time and place visited by the TWT presented in a humorous, futuristic gizmo format. These guides include all the information needed to solve the Put It Back, Jack! missions. They also include the promised information from the shows' epilogs, interesting, challenging, surprising, relevant, gross or weird facts, jokes, and more.

Adventure Pages
Compendia of all specific episode-related content on the site including relational Timeline and Map, Put It Back, Jack!, Plentifax 487, Cool Books, and any related games such as a Green Mist Mystery or a Wordsplosion word selection. Also, at the foot of each Adventure Page is a Message Across Time gizmo where kids can (safely) leave messages for other kids to find.


Sandwiches of Time (Flash required)
A history quiz in which correct answers make up the ingredients for another famous trio, the BLT. The quiz includes a tell-a-friend form for bragging about the score. Questions range across all of history.

Sound Detective (Flash required)
A crazy sound effects quiz in which the answers are sounds from specific times and places in history. There are fifty questions spread over five rounds.

Wordsplosion (Flash required)
Magnetic poetry-like gizmo with which kids can write poetic messages to e-mail to their friends using words specific to different TWT adventures. The feature allows for creative expression and includes word sets to complement our episodes about Egypt, Pirates, the Samurai, and the Future.


Windows Media or QuickTime Required
Short clips from the TV series, including the opening title sequence sung by the Riddlin' Kids.

Who's Who?
An ever-increasing collection of factual and funny bios of key historical characters. These include Blackbeard, Queen Jinga, Thutmose lll, Emily Roebling, Thomas Edison, Jon Scieszka, and more, plus the core TIME WARP TRIO characters. Real people are indicated as such with a nice big arrow saying "real person."

Stuff to Buy
Link to TIME WARP TRIO merchandise at the WGBH Shop. A DVD is available, with books to come soon.

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