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Put It Back, Jack!
Missing: Kakapupahet's Game Ball
Joe talking

When my Uncle Joe still owned The Book, his brother Jack borrowed it for about three minutes. He used it to go back and forth across time and space, stealing objects.

Now we have to return the game ball that Mad Jack stole from Kakapupahet. Space may not care, but Time hates having stuff stolen!

Answer a trio of questions to make the book return this artifact.
Jodie's Plentifax 487

Open the Plentifax 487, Jodie's time traveler's guide, for information
to help you.

Question 1: How many steps are on the Kukulkan Pyramid? (HINT: the answer is a 3-digit number)
Question 2: What is a Maya book called? (HINT: the answer has 5 letters)
Question 3: What's the day called when there's equal daytime and nighttime? (HINT: the answer has 7 letters)
Mad Jack lurking

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