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Jon Scieszka

Rhymes with:

Ron Fresca.


Usually the 21st Century. But has been spotted in other centuries.


Mailing address is Brooklyn, NY. But has been spotted in other countries and galaxies.

Also known as:

Mr. Scieszka, Mr. S.

Not known as:

J. Love, J. Money, J. Anything.

Claim to fame:

Was lucky enough to meet the Time Warp Trio and write about their adventures. Also once met a little man smelling of very bad cheese. Wrote about him too.

Typical headline if on 10 o'clock news:

Stop This Man Before He Twists Any More Stories.

After the Break: Are Small Beards Cool Or Just Itchy? Channel 9 investigates.

Likely to say:

"I wonder what would happen if the wolf told the story of the three little pigs, or if one day everything turned into a math problem, or if one day everything turned into a science poem, or if..."

Unlikely to say:

"Editing my writing is so much fun. It's great — like going to the dentist. For a super good time, I stick red-hot needles under my fingernails."


Lives with his wife, Jeri. Daughter Casey is in college in California. Son Jake plays Junior hockey in upstate NY. Five Scieszka brothers are scattered all over the country.

Favorite ice cream:

Prefers NY pizza.

Who would play Jon in a movie?

Brad Pitt. Definitely Brad. We know Will Farrell, Chris Rock, The Rock, and Nicole Kidman have all asked to play Jon, but he's sticking with Brad.

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