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Leif Ericson


Around 1000 — historians would say "circa" 1000. And that's about 1000 years ago.


Modern Iceland — he was born there. Note that he was not Bjorn there: he was always Leif.

Also known as:

Leif Eric's Son (his Dad was famous Viking, Eric the Red)

Not known as:


Claim to fame:

Discovering North America about 500 years before Columbus. He called it Vinland.

Overheard Conversation:

LEIF: What'd you say this place was called?

SAM: Well, it's definitely North America, but I'm not sure where exactly. Maybe Newfoundland? Or Nova Scotia?

LEIF: Hmm. Not very catchy names are they... I think I'll call it "Vinland." Makes you think of grapes, wine...

JOE: I hate to break it to you, Leif, but I don't think that's a grape.

LEIF: True. But "Poisonous Berryland" isn't going to bring the tourists.

Favorite Day to Warp to:

October 9, 1946. Although many dispute that he was the discoverer of North America, President Lyndon B Johnson, and Congress, made 9 October to be Leif Erikson Day. But we celebrate Columbus Day too.

Likely to say:

"Arise, Trees of the Valkyries and prepare for battle!!"

Unlikely to say:

"Do you like the horns on my helmet, Sven?" Vikings didn't actually have horns on their helmets. This was a myth that started after opera singers started wearing horned and winged helmets to perform the Wagner's Ring cycle.

Favorite ice cream:

Seal meat sorbet.

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