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Mad Jack


Several. Many. He's everywhere. And everywhen.


New York, United States. Or Africa. Spain, maybe. Definitely Peru.

Important, and Slightly Dire, Warning:

Watch out for Mad Jack! (He's not called "Mad" for nothing, you know.) Whether he's lurking in the shadows or wandering about freely being mad, he's up to no good. Why's he so mad? As far as we can tell, it's something to do with his goal of becoming "the ruler of all space and time." Either that, or his monocle gives him a rash.

Good at:

Sneering, chortling, and mwoo-hoo-ha-ha-ing.

Claim to fame:

World Mustache Champion, Gold Medal round, 986 BC, AD 117, 1482, 1817, 2012, and 2054.

What else do we know about him?

We found the following in Joe's diary. Not that we were looking in Joe's diary. It just fell open when we were cleaning it. We swear.

"When my Uncle Joe still owned The Book, his brother Jack borrowed it. Or so I'm told. He apparently only had it for about three minutes. But in those 180 seconds, he used it to go back and forth across time and space, stealing objects to sell. Arriving the split second he had left, he would leave again having hidden stuff in the sofa or in the cat's litter box. And then he was off again in a puff of green smoke. If we don't return these objects, the time space continuum may fracture, causing an implosion of all matter, destroying everything we know, have known, or will ever know. Needless to say, I will be SO grounded if that happens."

Oh, yeah: and he's trying to become the ruler of all space and time. We mustn't forget that.

Favorite ice cream:

Time and Space Domination Crunch (with rainbow sprinkles).


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