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Meriwether Lewis


Born 1774 — Died 1809.


United States.

Also known as:

"The greatest pathfinder this country has ever known"

Not to be confused with:

William Clark — he's the other one.

Jerry Lewis — comedian, no relation.

Claim to fame:

At the request of President Thomas Jefferson, he led the Corps of Discovery — now known as the Lewis and Clark expedition — to explore lands of western North America.

Typical headline if on 10 o'clock news:

Lewis And Clark Reach Pacific Coast!

After the Break: Does Yogurt Make You Taller? Channel 9 investigates.

Likely to say:

"Have you tried this elk meat? Its delicious!"

"If you don't stop arguing back there, I'm going to turn this whole Corps of Discovery around."

Unlikely to say:

"Did anyone bring a map?" There were no maps. That's one reason why they were doing this, to help create maps for the route they took.

Who would play Lewis in a movie?

Owen Wilson. Okay, so Lewis was a bit more dark and broody but, heck, that's Hollywood.

Who would not play Lewis in a movie?

Luke Wilson.

What he thought they would find:

Mammoths, mountains made of salt, Indians who spoke Welsh.

What they did find:

About 50 Indian tribes, 300 new species, great rivers, and the Rocky Mountains.

Favorite ice cream:

Rocky Road.

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