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Born 1788 — Died 1812. She was 16 when she joined the Lewis and Clark expedition.


Shoshone country in what is now western Montana.

Also known as:

Sacajawea, Sakakawea and — possibly because it was easier for everyone to spell — "Janey."


She was married to Touissant Charbonneau, a French Canadian who became an interpreter for the expedition. Their kid was named Jean Baptiste, but was widely known as Pomp. Clark taught Jean Baptiste: he became a world traveler, a hunter, and a renowned guide. Sacagawea's brother also helped the group, supplying horses.

Claim to fame:

She is famous for being a guide for this expedition, but she really was more of an interpreter, helping translate the many different languages of tribes encountered along the way.

What Clark said about her:

"We find (that Sacagawea) reconciles all the Indians, as to our friendly intentions — a woman with a party of men is a token of peace."

This may have been the most important thing about her presence on the trip. It meant that despite being a small army of soldiers, they would not be mistaken for a war party.

Typical headline if on 10 o'clock news:

Young Indian Mother Helps Presidential Party Discover Hidden America.

After the Break: The Tooth Fairy And Income Tax: Should Your Child Be Filing Tax Returns? Channel 9 investigates.

Likely to say:

"Wow. You guys sure have put up a lot of statues of me."

There are said to be more public statues of her than of anyone else in the USA.

Unlikely to say:

"Yeah, baby. I'm on the one-dollar coin. Eat your heart out, Lindsay Lohan."

Although Sacagawea is indeed on the U.S. one dollar coin, history does not show that she ever made a reference to the popular actress, Lindsay Lohan. The Corps of Discovery is commemorated on a number of U.S. coins including the Westward Journey Nickel, the Bicentennial Silver Dollar, and quarters from Louisiana and Missouri.

Who would play Sacagawea in a movie?


(We're not necessarily saying it would be good casting, but it may help to also have one name. Other possibilities would therefore be Cher, Madonna, Sting, or Bono. Possibly could be Lindsay Lohan, to ease the tension after the whole dollar coin thing.)

Favorite ice cream:

Cranberry sorbet.

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