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Suleyman the Magnificent


Born 1494 — Died 1566.


Modern-day Turkey, which was at the time part of the Ottoman Empire.

Claim to fame:

Led the Ottoman Empire at the height of its power.

Also known as:

Slave of God, powerful with the power of God, deputy of God on earth, obeying the commands of the Qur'an and enforcing them throughout the world, master of all lands, the shadow of God over all nations, Sultan of Sultans in all the lands of Persians and Arabs, the propagator of Sultanic laws, the tenth Sultan of the Ottoman Khans, Sultan, son of the Sultan, Suleyman Khan. Shah of Baghdad and Iraq, Caesar of all the lands of Rome, and the Sultan of Egypt. Master of the lands of Caesar and Alexander the Great.

Did not invent:

The piece of furniture called an ottoman.

Also, do not confuse with:

Harry P. Flicknagel, owner of a chain of car dealerships called the "Auto Man Empire."

Was good at:

Poetry, goldsmithing, and... conquering other countries.

Favorite ice cream:

Turkish Delight.

Suleyman the Magnificent

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