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William Clark


Born 1770 — Died 1838.


United States.

Also known as:

Captain. He actually wasn't a captain, but all the soldiers in his group thought he was. They later gave him a title that let him sign official documents as Captain. He was later promoted to General.

Not to be confused with:

Meriwether Lewis — he's the other one.

Clark Kent — mild mannered reporter for Daily Planet.

Claim to fame:

Co-captained the famous Corps of Discovery.

Most likely to say:

"Hey, Lewis. I've been thinking. How about we call it The Clark and Lewis Expedition?"

Most unlikely to say:

"I think were lost." He was the map guy. Everyone was depending on him to find the best route.

Who would play Lewis in a movie?

Luke Wilson. Okay, he was more of a go-getter, but the whole Wilson Brothers thing might still work.

Who would not play Lewis in a movie?

Owen Wilson.

Typical items you might take with you on a journey to Oregon:

Book, pack of cards, snack, toothbrush, Downtown Portland map.

Typical items they took with them on their journey to Oregon:

Rifles, 193 pounds of soup, 12 pounds of soap, 420 pounds of lead to make bullets, hundreds of books, 4,600 sewing needles, 176 pounds of gunpowder, 144 pairs of scissors, thousands of doses of medicine, 33 pounds of beads, a four-volume dictionary, 150 yards of cloth to make tents and thousands of other items.

Favorite ice cream:

Elk gelato.

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